Our yoga practice is about developing a compassionate attitude toward our body and learning how to bring more awareness to what is going on inside. The universal laws we work with are grounding, breathing, and freeing the spine. This encourages the body to relax and unwind into new, fresh possibilities of experience

It may seem counter-intuitive to strive less in order to get what we really need from our yoga practice, but as we learn to let any unnecessary tendencies toward pushing and pulling subside, the body becomes free to work in more economical ways. Parts of our selves that have been disconnected as a result of acute tensions, or restricted due to chronic habits, can begin to awaken and return to function

Over time, the practice of dialing into our body's natural wisdom and caring for ourselves accordingly, can have balancing and stabilizing affects on not only our physical self, but on our whole being: body-mind-spirit. This allows us to more fully experience the gift of being alive

This approach is kind and gentle, yet it can also be active and challenging. The effects can be restorative, transformative, energizing and deep. As we each continue to grow toward a more authentic way of practicing, we move further away from merely performing strenuous exercises on our mat, and find ourselves opening toward a greater sense of comfort, and feeling at home in our bodies

"Yoga must not be practiced to control the body: it is the opposite, it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs" Vanda Scaravelli